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Posted by Scott on September 16, 2016

Giants Among Us

I’m on day three of my journey now, and I already feel like I’m making headway. I have a general direction in which to stride, but I’d rather have my compass out and be heading toward the big ‘X’ on my map. Ultimately, I’m still talking about goals and planning then. I will be using

Posted by Scott on September 15, 2016

Coding the Extraordinary

It is currently 5am in the morning. 5:02 to be a bit more precise. I’ve been up for nearly two hours now, and have made myself a coffee and got some reading done. I know that is shockingly early for someone to get up, but I have my reasons. Over the summer holidays, while away

Posted by Scott on September 14, 2016

Starting Out with the Compound Effect

As I start this blog, it’s difficult to truly know where to begin. I want to share with you all the tools and all the techniques that I am using, and will be using, to achieve my goals. The problem is, I’m now dragging myself out of a slump. So where do I begin? I