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Posted by Scott on September 23, 2016

Tackling To-Dos

I have my goals and my progress journal. I have my routines, rituals, and habits. I have… hit another road block. The more there is to implement in life, the less gets done. Your time gets vastly divided until, ultimately, there is just not enough time to achieve what you want to achieve. I can

Posted by Scott on September 22, 2016

Mini Habits

I’m soon drawing to the end of my stash of habit forming books. The more I read, the more similar they’re all becoming. That either means that I have read all there is to know about forming new, beneficial habits, or it means that I have reached the end of our current knowledge of this

Posted by Scott on September 21, 2016

The Fallacy of Isolated Incidents

Thus far, the most important success principle I have uncovered is the idea of small, daily progression. Coupled with the idea of compounding, daily progression leads to big results regardless of the size of each individual step. That leads me to think about the flip side of the coin. If small progress compounds into huge

Posted by Scott on September 20, 2016

Empowering Routines Aren’t Routine

My next point of call is understanding how to set myself up in a peak mental state for the day. It’s fine having all these goals, and even the road map, but it is pointless if I’m not actually taking the time to follow through. Even worse would be if I was taking the time

Posted by Scott on September 19, 2016

Re-defining my Academic Success

One of my most important goals this year is to achieve exceptional marks in my academics. The bigger picture being that I would like to be involved with diabetes research at some point in my life. Of course, many of the tools I have been using to study have clearly not been as effective as