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Posted by Scott on November 21, 2016

Align Your Thoughts

Align Your Thoughts At long last, I am back. I had hoped to be back far sooner, considering I moved in a little over one month ago. Unfortunately, I have had a number of problems that I have used as excuses for not getting back into, and therefore not maintaining, the upkeep of this blog.

Posted by Scott on October 11, 2016

How I Do Everything

How I Do Everything I know I have already posted today so it might seem redundant to post again, given that I’ve been so inconsistent with my daily posting this past week. But I have some news to share. As I was winding down for the evening, I took part in my terrible habit of

Posted by Scott on October 11, 2016

Productive, Not Busy

Productive, Not Busy I want to first apologize to my readers for the lack of consistent daily articles this past week. I have been having a lot of trouble with regards to moving house, and on top of that, my partner is off to Paris on a work trip for a few days. I will

Posted by Scott on October 8, 2016

Full Engagement

Full Engagement I was watching a video recently on YouTube by a dating coach by the name of Owen (Tyler of Real Social Dynamics). You might be thinking, Scott you’ve got a long-term partner and a young child, why are you studying pick up? Well, there are actually two answers to that question.   The

Posted by Scott on October 5, 2016

The Right Thing

The Right Thing Scrolling through my notes on The $100 Start Up this morning, I stumbled across a quote that said something along the lines of All the bad days have something in common: You know the right thing to do but you let someone talk you out of doing it. That someone can be