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Posted by Scott on November 25, 2016

Enhancing Charisma

Enhancing Charisma In this article, I’m going to share 5 practical techniques to make you charismatic. Charisma isn’t some innate, esoteric ability that only the lucky among us possess. People aren’t born charismatic. It is a skill that anyone can develop if they put in the time. Charisma is essentially about body language. It’s the

Posted by Scott on November 24, 2016

Planning For Planning

Planning For Planning Most of what I do day to day involves me being able to communicate effectively. When I’m writing on this blog I have an aim which requires me to communicate what I’ve learned, to my readers, in an effective manner. When I’m at work, being front of house requires me to interact

Posted by Scott on November 23, 2016


Priming I had a fairly unfortunate start to my morning today. I have a lab session due to start in ten minutes (9 am) at my university, and I am sat in the office of my bungalow two hours from that location. When I went to leave my house for school this morning, my front

Posted by Scott on November 21, 2016

Align Your Thoughts

Align Your Thoughts At long last, I am back. I had hoped to be back far sooner, considering I moved in a little over one month ago. Unfortunately, I have had a number of problems that I have used as excuses for not getting back into, and therefore not maintaining, the upkeep of this blog.

Posted by Scott on October 11, 2016

How I Do Everything

How I Do Everything I know I have already posted today so it might seem redundant to post again, given that I’ve been so inconsistent with my daily posting this past week. But I have some news to share. As I was winding down for the evening, I took part in my terrible habit of