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At long last, I am back. I had hoped to be back far sooner, considering I moved in a little over one month ago. Unfortunately, I have had a number of problems that I have used as excuses for not getting back into, and therefore not maintaining, the upkeep of this blog. But I am now back, and I am running at this thing with full force.

I want to spend a little bit of time today talking about the focus we place on things in life, and how that sets the direction of our future. As I've mentioned previously, we are at this point in our lives directly due to the decisions we've made in the past.

Where Are You Focusing?

There are two types of people in the world if you break things down as simplistic as they can be. There are the reactive people, who maintain a life that is constantly busy and never changing because they only react to events that appear around them. Then there are proactive people, whom can look past the hustle and bustle of every day and focus solely on the things that are going to move them forward in life.

Think for a moment about where you slot into that category. The reason I want you to analyze your current position is because it will make it easier for you to then analyze how you spend the majority of your time thinking.

You see, a reactive person is reacting to the things that are cropping up in their life. If something positive happens, they are likely to be happy about the event. If something negative happens, they are therefore likely to have negative thoughts toward that scenario. They're not necessarily in control of their thoughts, nor where their attention is directed.

On the other hand, a proactive person is thinking solely about the things that are moving them forward. They're not reacting to every little bump in the road that could send them sky high or sink them into a pit of despair. The proactive person is acknowledging that things aren't going well in their life, but they are pinpointing their thoughts on the actions that are moving them forward.

Dwelling Thoughts

The truth is, life isn't as black and white as that. Not everyone is reactive all the time, just as no one can be proactive in every situation. If a loved one dies, there is a period of grief that cannot escape a healthy human being. You would succumb to reaction.

But it is where the thoughts dwell the majority of the time that matters.

A mind is a wondrous machine, and it is capable of miraculous things. One thing it cannot do is distinguish between what you do and don't want, though. That is why it is all too easy for your mind to betray you, sabotaging your dreams for a short period of comfort.

Your mind does not know what you want, but it does know what you focus on. That is such an important distinction that you need to grasp.

If you are reactive, you are focussing on what is happening around you constantly, and that is where you are going to stay. Your mind will work hard to create an alignment with your thoughts.

If you are proactive, you are thinking about the future, your goals and the actions that need to be implemented to arrive at them. Ultimately, your mind will focus on the opportunities that are going to get your reality in alignment with the essence of your focus.


Hopefully, this article has been illuminating to you in some regard. The important take home point is that where you spend the majority of your time, which is essentially what your thoughts are focused in on, is where you are going to be spending the majority of your time moving forward.

The break from mediocrity, you need to first accept that you are not mediocre. You must start living a life in accordance with your goals, setting a mindset that equates to having already achieved them.

If you truly believe it, you can truly achieve it.

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