Full Engagement

I was watching a video recently on YouTube by a dating coach by the name of Owen (Tyler of Real Social Dynamics). You might be thinking, Scott you've got a long-term partner and a young child, why are you studying pick up? Well, there are actually two answers to that question.

The first answer is that I am not studying pick up. Owen releases a huge number of personal development videos where he discusses techniques to increase your inner game to improve every area of your life. There is an abundance of value in these videos, which isn't surprising when you consider how intelligent this man actually is.
The second answer is that I am studying pick up. I have no interest in picking up women, but I am interested in the social skills that are taught to pick up students. Aside from picking up girls for romantic interactions, the power to be charismatic and connect with people (or specific targets) is incredibly powerful in business. I remember reading that Warren Buffet said the most powerful course he ever took was a Dale Carnegie course teaching social skills. This is the next level of that.
Anyway, the video I was watching recently was about the importance of being fully engaged in everything that you're doing. It got me thinking, and the more I questions this concept, the more important it seemed to become. I guess it is in alignment with the internal belief how I do anything is how I do everything. I picked up the book The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz for further reading.

Managing Energy Levels

One of the first, and most important, concepts the authors discuss is the importance of forgetting about the general philosophy of time management. Rather than trying to squeeze as many activities into a 24 hour period as you can, they suggest that by managing your energy levels you would be far more efficient.
The authors suggest there are four energy reserves that all need to be working at full capacity to feel fully engaged with your work. The first and second are fairly obvious, your physical and mental energy reserves. The other two are your emotional reserves and your spiritual reserves.
I'm going to steer clear of a long paragraph about physical energy as you're probably aware you should eat well, sleep enough and exercise. Spiritual energy doesn't need a huge explanation either, as that is simply living in alignment with your values and core beliefs.

Emotional energy is an important and often overlooked area of energy. To build and retain your reserves of emotional energy it is important to participate in activities that you enjoy. This is such a hard area of life for me as I attempt to attach a greater meaning and purpose to everything that I do. Emotional energy is refueled when you partake in activities purely for the love of them, with no ulterior motives.

Mental energy is focused around rest. The only way to ensure that you have an abundance of mental energy is to ensure you are taking sufficient rest periods. Again, this is another difficult area for me as I tend to feel like a moment resting is a moment wasted. I do live by the mantra I'll rest when I'm dead, but clearly, that is a limiting belief that is causing more harm to my life than it does good. 

When I think about it, I would assume that taking the time to participate in activities for purposes of enjoyment (emotional energy) would provide the benefits of mental energy. Maybe a rest period needn't be a moment sat on your ass in front of the television, but could actually be getting your heart rate up in competitive sports. A rest period is a moment away from work, not a moment passively passing through life.


Full engagement is about completely embracing every task your involved in. It is about guaranteeing that you are doing everything to the best of your ability and attempting to love every second of that participation. To be fully engaged is to have sufficient energy reserves and to have a deep purpose.
How am I going to use this information to better my life? Being fully engaged in life is a way to see the opportunities that present themselves to me and to be fully open to taking advantage of them. I am going to take more rest periods to enjoy my life and maintain each of the four energetic reserves that will allow me to reach my full potential. I make even get involved in a few more hobbies!

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