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Due to a few hold ups with paperwork, the date of my new tenancy has been forcefully postponed. It's a pain in the ass considering we're completely packed and ready, but it isn't the end of the world. So what does it feel like it is?
The truth, as I see it, is that I'm struggling because I don't maintain control over my independence. I am in a position where I don't have the cash lying around to secure a home for my family and I. I don't have the necessary resources to provide an unlimited life, which proves to be a problem.
While I have read time and time again about the perils of being a child to rich parents, I think there is a distinction tat is often left ignored. Being spoilt will cause expectations that reality cannot match unless the child is taught values. That is the important point in my opinion; A child will behave in accordance with his or her beliefs, not according to what you buy them.

What relevance does all of this have to this blog I hear you ask. Well, I want to provide every opportunity for my son that is in existence. I don't want him to miss out on his potential because I couldn't fulfil my own. This article is about the realisation that the reach of my son's potential depends on the platform I provide for him, which in turn depends on my view of the mundane.

Understanding the Importance of Mundane

Our life consists mostly of the habits we have developed throughout our lives. While the content of this article might be relatively fresh, the concepts are not necessarily my own and using the technology that makes this possible isn't new to me. Typing on this keyboard is nigh on automatic because I have developed that ability in the past. Therefore, typing is a fairly mundane task.

Typing is also a very valuable task. It gives me the ability to share my thoughts with, potentially, millions. It could ignite the flame in a reader, providing just enough insight and inspiration to help them change the world.

Every significant achievement is the result of a consistently executed string of mundane tasks. The problem is, mundane tasks often feel mundane as you're attempting to carry them out. While I relentlessly study the multitude of different ways to get things moving, there is a certain characteristic that I have overlooked: Obsession.

Natural Compulsion

To truly achieve the heights of the top 0.01% an attitude must exist within you. I do believe it is possible to force an obsession upon yourself, but I dare say that isn't necessarily healthy (not that any form of obsession is really healthy). I'm also not saying that a character trait can beat hard work, but I feel as though obsession lies behind hard work.
Whether I am actively working towards my goals or not, I feel a compulsion toward them. If I'm working hard then I feel pride in myself, and at other times of the day, I feel guilt. Unfortunately, guilt is a fairly easy emotion for my to put on the back burner. But for no longer.
I have a natural instinct to work hard, with a drive and ambition to succeed. I have the mental fortitude to turn my vision into a reality. The only thing I'm missing, the only part of the magic potion that hasn't yet been applied is the obsession that should follow my work. I'm going to amp it up.
I read an answer on Quora while in my self-pity mode that spoke of even in her downtime Oprah would still be thinking about her work. While I won't be doing that during my family time, I will be setting up triggers to remind myself at all other times. The more I harness the obsession, the faster the world will change to accommodate my vision.
Thank you for reading this article. It wasn't my typical article discussing the things I've learned, but I think there is just as much value in this.

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