An Experts Study Routine

I mentioned in the article yesterday that I was going to spend today looking over my notes and devising a complete revision technique. While I don't necessarily think that have a completely structured technique to follow is the best idea, I do think it would be a good idea until I am studying using an intuitive format.

That being said, I'm going to jump right in and aim to keep this a pretty concise post.

Before Beginning

Before beginning there are a few things that should be prepared:

  • High-intensity interval training should be utilised in order to recover quickly from mental fatigue.

  • Define exactly what will be necessary to learn, then plan out when that material will be covered. Nothing more.

  • Complete a progress journal based on your studies to identify and eliminate any excuses that commonly crop up.

While Studying

  • Remember the big picture by writing at the top of the page the long-term goal that this individual task is working toward.

  • Apply the Pomodoro technique in order to study in short bursts.

    • 25 minutes of focused work followed by a 5-minute break.

    • Write down any distracting thoughts and address them after the pomodori.

  • Eat that frog, or complete the most difficult task first.

  • Play music while studying. Embracing distractions helps to cultivate resilience and enhance concentration.

  • Simplify the information and write it in your own words.

  • Visualize the concept, even abstract concepts, to see it clearly in your mind.

  • Identify how concepts connect to each other.

  • Use different levels of reading to gain greater depth from a textbook.

  • Use spaced repetition to ensure that all information will remain in your long term memory.

After Studying

Once you've finished your Pomodoro session you should take a walk and have a glass of water to keep your energy levels up. But generally speaking, once you've completed your study session, you should reward yourself in order to associate studying with a positive outcome.


I appreciate that this was a far shorter article than usual, but I wanted to keep a concise record of exactly how to go about becoming an ultimate learning machine. This is more of a bulleted resource than a properly informative post.

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