The Roadmap


Three powerful books down, and four days into this journey. So far, so good. But as I said in the last article, it is time for me to finalise the finer details of my journey. I need to lay out my roadmap.

I don’t want an orienteering session, I’m planning to go full on sat nav. By that, I mean I will never have to think of the next step to take, it is already pre-planned. By doing that, I have no excuses regarding what to do next. It also eliminates a pretty major hurdle.

Before I move on, though, I just want to let you all know that I have achieved a pretty huge goal. I received a phone call yesterday, and my application to rent a place has been accepted. While I haven’t lived with my parents for a number of years, I have always lived under the roof of someone else. But come October 4th,  my family and I will be moving into our own isolated paradise.

The Techniques

I’m taking techniques from each of the three books I’ve mentioned thus far in this blog. I will list them briefly below, but be sure to check my prior blog posts if you’re unfamiliar with what I’m talking about.

  • What actions are necessary for positive compounding?

  • Who do I need to be?

  • How will I implement this into my routine?

  • Write them as end goals.

  • Ensure they are independent of others.

  • How do I need to engineer my consciousness for this goal?

  • Re-frame my goal using transformational vocabulary.

  • Associate desired habits with pleasure.

  • Ask the right questions.

My Goals



I will easily have at least 100 daily visitors to my blog by the end of the year.

Necessary Actions?

Consistently post daily blog articles in order to increase the amount of valuable content available to my readership.

Posting valuable comments on videos and articles in my niche, which will get my name out there.

Post daily on social media to maintain a constant presence in multiple locations.

Who Do I Need To Be?

I need to be a great writer in order to keep readers interested in what I have to say.

I need to be able to share the value I am learning through anecdotal teachings.

I need to be persistent, consistent and continually learning.

How Will I Implement This Into My Routine?

I will read and write articles while I am travelling to university on my university days, and I can read and write articles when I am home from work on the weekends.

I will post on social media sharing important snippets of the article I have written that day. I will search for some software to automate posting times of those posts so that I need only involve myself in social media once per day.

I will find the top 5 influencers in my niche and make an effort to be active on their blogs and social networks. I will add additional value to their posts.

How Do I Need to Engineer My Consciousness?

I will associate the act of writing with the feeling of being successful. I will do this by using the reverse gap technique just before I start writing my articles in order to attach my prior achievements with this habit.


I will easily start video blogging by November 2016.

In order to accomplish this goal, I need to ensure that I have the correct equipment to complete it. I need to get a camera (the Canon GX7 Mark II seems to be the best for my purposes) and get some video editing equipment. I only need the bare minimum to get started, so special lighting and microphones can come later.

I will focus on documenting my life, as in these articles, rather than trying to educate through creating content. That way they will coincide with these articles and create multiple mediums in which to present my learnings.

I need to become a person who is comfortable, confident and authentic in front of the camera. I need to be someone that understands that I am providing value for people and it would be selfish for me to not share this information.

I will implement this into my routine by recording the video log after I have returned home from university, having written an article, or after I have finished work. That way the information is fresh in my mind and I can present it as fluently and cohesively as I have in my article.

I will update my model of reality that suggests you must be vein to be on camera. I will also update it to be aware that it is worth my time to post the video log even if it only impacts one person.


I will easily earn £10.00 per month online, passively, by the end of the year.

To clarify my message of passively, I mean that I do not need to actively find that money. I need to have a product that will provide value to somebody, and an automated system in which they can get it.

I need to learn how to create a product, how to market a product and how to create an automated selling platform.

I will need to position myself as an expert, as I will likely be selling information. I will need to be a capable leader and project manager as I will need to outsource the design work.

This will not be a part of my routine as it isn’t something that I will be doing on a daily basis, however, the steps that I will need to take to design, create, market and sell a product will need to be laid out to minimise the risk of obstacles. I will do this in a later article.

I will need to engineer my consciousness to believe that I do hold true value. I need the self-belief that I know things that can help other people do well in their lives and that I can provide vastly more value to them than I would be charging.



I will easily achieve 80% in every exam I sit and in all of my submitted coursework.

I will need to develop a very firm grasp of the material in all of my subjects. I will need to find a way to successfully take notes in lectures. I will need to continue training my memory. I will need to ask for help if I am struggling with any concepts.

I need to be a very hard working student and see my education as a priority.

I will implement this into my routine by having set study sessions around my lectures. I will design a schedule on my Google calendar to make the most of any breaks that I have. I will arrange weekly group study sessions with my university colleagues.

I will engineer my consciousness by associating the act of studying hard and learning about these scientific topics with a much larger and more passionate goal I have. My girlfriend is a type 1 diabetic, and there is every chance that my one year old could develop at during his lifetime (it is known that there is a genetic predisposition to the disease, even if not completely understood). My larger goal is to cure diabetes and my motivation is to save the lives of my family. If I fail to maintain a studying routine, I am accepting that their lives are not worth saving.


I will easily read one book per week until the end of the year.

This goal is not about the number of pages covered, nor about the bragging rights. It is about digesting high-quality information. Therefore, I am going to purchase a Blinkist account as a way to ensure this goal is completed. I will get most of the value from it, with a hugely reduced amount of necessary work.

I will implement this into my routine by choosing one day per week to be my allocated reading day. I will also plan out in advance which books I was to read so that I’m not left spending ages trying to decide on the day.

I will need to change my belief system to accept that I don’t need to read a book word for word to gain the value held within it. I read before that the entire value of the book is contained within 4% of the total word count. I have no idea if it’s true, but it’s an interesting concept.


I will easily continue to train my memory each day until memorisation is effortless and reliable.

I don’t feel as though I need to go further with this goal, as the motivations and steps align pretty well with the first goal in this section.



I will easily eat a diet where 80% of my intake is clean and healthy.

I will need to prepare meals in advance so that I don’t succumb to easier and unhealthier foods. I will need to keep a food diary to keep track of what I’m actually eating so that I don’t fool myself into thinking I am eating healthier.

I need to realise that if I don’t improve my health, I will continue to have my energy further sapped. I will lose the motivation to accomplish my wilder dreams. If I don’t improve my health, I will leave my family one member down far shorter than was necessary.


I will easily weight train 3 times per week.

I will need either a power rack at home (my current idea, but I won’t know if it’s practical until I move into my new place) or a gym membership.

I need to become a more manly man. I need to realise that men aren’t supposed to be weak and let their bodies fall to crap. Who would respect someone that doesn’t respect themselves?

Depending on where I eventually train will depend on how I implement this into my routine. If I train at home, I will train before catching the bus to school. If I train at university, I will train upon arriving (I will leave earlier than otherwise necessary).

I need to embody the belief that the pain of working out is nothing compared to the pain of not reaching my true, physical capabilities.


I will easily join a martial arts school.

I need to decide on a martial arts to take part in. My ideal choice is Brazilian jiu-jitsu, but they don’t train that in the town that I live in. They do have a martial arts school in the city of my university, though, so it may be possible to train after I have finished my lectures.

I need to be someone who realises this time commitment is vitally important. If I commit this time now, I will have vastly more confidence in every area of my life. I also will have the knowledge that I have the ability to keep my family safe from harm.

This will easily adapt into my routine as the lessons will be run at the same time every week, so it would just be a case of turning up when I am expected. The social pressure of expectation should be enough to keep me going.

I will need to engineer my consciousness to accept that even though my family and I have never been attacked, there are plenty of vile people in the world. There are also plenty of intoxicated and unpredictable people in the world. Training is not to go out and start fighting, it is to keep us safe should that unlikely situation arise.


I didn’t realise how in-depth those goals were going to end up being. Hopefully, I have provided you with some insight into how to attach more meaning to your goals, rather than just saying them. It is the meaning behind the goal that is going to help me achieve it.

I don’t have many goals, regardless of how long the article turned out to be. What I do have are 9 very important and very well thought out goals. They will require a lot of hard work to accomplish, but I see them all as very doable, especially given my reasoning behind each and every one of them.

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